What is the secret to success?

Successful people are aware that certain qualities, actions, and behaviors are necessary for success. They believe that “I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve where I’m going” They understand they must work for success. They must go out and obtain it on their own. Here are the top strategies used by successful people to achieve […]

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Living a Life of Significance

Living a life of significance is the foundation to a successful thriving business. It’s all about deepening your compassion and ability to understand others. Let’s say that two entrepreneurs start businesses on the same day in the same industry. One entrepreneur is out to make a good profit and sell his business in 10 to […]

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How School Ruins Your Business

Whether you spent 12 or 16 years or more in school, I’d like to make a radical suggestion: Forget your schooling. Frankly, I wanted to use a different “F” word than “Forget.” Here’s why: In school, they teach you that attendance is important. You have a perfect attendance record? Here’s a merit badge. You missed […]

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